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Considering A TNW FireArms ?




          Our review, experience and opinion, unlike many youtube videos that drone on forever until they make their point, will jump right to the conclusion. Details follow this summary.
Buy this gun and be disappointed. You have our sympathy. If you have already bought this gun, you have our sympathy also. Since buying this gun, the following has been learned:

- Repeated misfeeds
- Poor assembly from the factory
- Poor engineering
- Poor manufacturing
- Incompetent technical support
- Gunsmithing required
- Not Glock Compatible
- More Gunsmithing required
- Parts Ordering
- Incompetent, Rude and lying Sales Support
- Complaint to the sheriffs office

   We have never experienced an organization that was so across the board horrible. From engineering to manufacturing to technical support to sales. As we told the sheriff deputy, we feel our money was stolen and criminal action is due. Our opinion of the TNW ASR gun is to stay away! Run away! Our review, experience and opinion is for this TNW ASR gun only. We did not write this to recommend or sell a different gun. There are a plethora of 9mm Glock compatible firearms for sale. You will need to do your own research. Below is the detail of our TNW Firearms nightmare.
   I think it is important to note that my experience extends to 45+ years of pistols and rifles of many calibers. Cleaning, disassembly, reassembly, and repair. I am not a machinist, but like you when I pull the trigger I know what to expect.

NOTE Added 04/03/2019:  Apparently their method of resolution is to hire an attorney. I was contacted by an attorney and told that even though we all have a right to opinion and freedom of speech, that I DID NOT specify that I had been issued a complete refund. Apparently, they forgot to tell this attorney that I was only issued a complete refund AFTER I HAD TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY. So, in fairness to all that read, I have included/updated proof that I received a refund AFTER I HAD TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY. A complaint that was resolved in my favor.

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Repeated Misfeeds
   Don't want misfeeds? Then buy a different gun.
   When we first opened up the TNW Firearms box we noticed the gun bolt to be very stiff. We also noticed the lower was not solidly mounted. It wiggled. Two spent pieces of brass were included in the box. I guess to prove the gun "worked". We thought it might need to be broken in a bit. We took the gun to the range to become familiar with the gun and to break it in. We had to cut the gun range session short. The gun simply would not perform in semi-automatic mode. It would fire one shot then stop. Fire one shot and stop. It would have been ridiculous to continue so we packed up and left the range.
   I decided to disassemble the gun and inspect the bolt. Grease if needed.
This is where I encountered my next problem....

Poor Assembly from the Factory
   Don't want poor assembly? Then buy a different gun.
   Starting the disassembly and inspection of my TNW ASR Firearm I noticed a couple things right off. There are two flat bladed screws that hold the lower to the upper (see picture). I tightened the lower to the upper where it would not wiggle. I didn't run off to the range though, the gun bolt was still very stiff. What I found are two hex screws on top of the gun (see picture). At first glance they look like they hold the top picatinny rail in place. Couldn't be farther from the truth. The top rail is not removable. These two hex screws are actually guides for the bolt. It keeps the bolt aligned during movement from fire. These two screws were so tight they restricted the movement of the bolt. I backed off these screws a bit and the bolt started to move much more freely. Though the bolt stayed aligned it seemed too soft and sloppy.
This is where I encountered my next problem....

Poor Engineering
   Don't want poor engineering? Then buy a different gun.
   The poor engineering is in reference to the lower attachment screws and the bolt guide screws. Neither have been designed to stay in its proper place. As a result, shooting the gun causes the lower to loosen and wiggle again. The screws that guide the bolt can vibrate out causing the bolt to move out of position. Any of this could cause problems.
   What should you do ? My opinion, buy a different gun. Or at least always pack your maintenance kit with your "Survival Gun". And learn how to speak moose, bear or whatever. You know, so the animals will stop their charge, let you tighten your lower and adjust your bolt alignment screws.

Poor Manufacturing
   Don't want poor manufacturing? Then buy a different gun.
   The lower tightened up and the bolt flowing freely I am off to the range again. Disappointment again. It fired 5 or 6 rounds then quit. It appeared the buffer spring was just too soft too push the bolt into the next shell into the barrel. At least on a repeated semi-automatic basis. Not a misfeed now but a poor spring. I was using factory ammo, not reloads. Once again tired of messing with this gun I quit using it. I loaded up my Glock 26 for some practice. 60 or 80 flawless rounds with the same ammo. The factory ammo is not the problem here folks. I left the range to again inspect my TNW Firearm gun.
   I disassembled the TNW firearm gun expecting maybe a broke buffer spring or such. I had seen the TNW video showing buffer tube spring replacement. "It uses a AR15 commercial buffer tube." Leading me to believe it uses a standard (and proven) AR15 buffer spring / bolt system and such. Ha, boy was I surprised. What I found is a custom, poorly manufactured, poorly engineered buffer tube and pencil sized spring. Nothing was broken. Just crappy tension and design for the job it is supposed to perform. See the Video

This is where I encountered my next problem....

Incompetent Technical Support
   Don't want deal with incompetent technical support? Then buy a different gun.
   I call TNW Firearm technical support. I explain how I think this custom spring design is not working. The tech support person immediately says yeah a lot of people complained about jams and misfeeds. "We now have a universal buffer system.". Of course I asked, "Can you ship me one and do you expect me to pay for it ?". He responded, "Well I don't know, you have to talk with sales.". I responded, "Well I don't know what to order. Your website has two different buffer springs. A heavy and a regular. Neither resemble what I have in my gun. The website does not state which spring is for which caliber.". Then began a very long conversation in which is difficult to describe. A very nice polite young man. It was like talking with a stoner from high school.
   I was switched over to sales. Asked them to order whatever the tech guy says I need because I am soooo confused as to what he was talking about. Yes I will have to pay for parts for my TNW Firearms gun that doesn't work correctly. Yes, we have redone the poor buffer tube spring system. The parts arrive several days later. They do not work. I can't pull the bolt back halfway much less to the catch. I return the items and I am charged for their poor product design and lack of knowledge. This is done in the form of unreimbursed shipping charges.
At this point you might be asking, "Why didn't the parts fit ?". It does seem a simple thing doesn't it ? I can only answer I do not know. I can only assume they have multiple tubes, stops, springs, bolts, buffers, coils, and screws without a clue as to where they actually go.
   What should you do ? Buy a different gun. Or be willing to sink yourself into the TNW firearm abyss.
This is where I solve my problem....

Gunsmithing Required
   Here is my status, I have a TNW firearm that isn't worth crap because it can't cycle reliably. TNW tech support is totally worthless. What do I do ?
   I talk around, I read some forums. A possible solution is formed. I have to gunsmith my own buffer spring. Since the buffer tube is a standard AR15 commercial spec (at least my gun is, no guarantee on yours) a AR15 buffer spring should fit. I buy one for $12 from my gun range. I cut it down and stretch it until it fits. The bolt retracts and has the proper tension to close the bolt to the barrel.
   It feels good, firm, strong. Not soft and sloppy like the original.
   What ? You don't want to machine a buffer spring on a new gun ? Then buy a different gun. Or throw it in the trash.
    I am excited and off the the range....again.
This is where I encountered my next problem....

Not Glock Compatible
   Want a Glock compatible gun? Then buy a different gun.
   At the range I am quite happy with myself. I feel like I created "a silk purse out of a sow's ear". I ran thru a whole clip without a problem other than having to grip and tighten the barrel after shooting. Not that big of a deal, as long as it doesn't come loose enough to blow up a cartridge in my face.
   All this time, testing, fixing, retrying had been with the magazine shipped with the "Glock compatible" TNW firearms gun. I pulled out my Glock 26 and popped in the TNW firearms magazine. It fell out of the gun on to the range table. I reinserted more carefully. It never clicked into place. See movie clip below.
   I have 5 other different Glock compatible magazine in my bag. 33, 12, 10 round, etc. All fit fine in my Glock 26. Not all fit in my new TNW firearm gun.
   In my opinion, this is not an example of "Glock compatible". If yours differs please explain it to me.
   I am heading back home to analyze the problem.....

More Gunsmithing Required
   After getting home and analyzing what the problem is, I find two separate problems.
   The first problem is with the magazine supplied by TNW Firearms Inc. It only works in Glocks that have a right-handed magazine catch. If you look at a real Glock compatible magazine, you will notice it has 2 notches on each side of the magazine. So it can be used right or left Glock magazine catches. If you look at the TNW Firearms Inc magazine, you will notice it only has a notch on the right side. Not Glock compatible. See Video

   The second problem is with my Glock magazine(s) that fit in my Glock but not in my TNW Firearms gun. Here I found the TNW firearm's magazine catch system out of spec. At least compared to a Glock. By widening and deepening the magazine notch, toward the top about 1/16th of an inch, my Glock magazine(s) now click into place.
   A TIP: Do not fill your Glock magazines to maximum. The TNW firearm will not feed properly until 2-3 bullets have been expended. I assume this is another tolerance issue, but I am not going to solve this. Except to fill my 33 round mag with 30 bullets.
   You don't want to remachine your Glock magazine(s)? Then buy a different gun. Is anyone else catching a theme here?

Parts Ordering
   I had decided to order additional parts. I found the TNW ASR pistol poor in balance and accuracy. Since the barrel comes off rather easily, I decided to convert it to a rifle. It would breakdown and pack quickly. This might actually give me a gun I can use.
   I ordered online. My credit card was billed immediately. Not a tentative billing until the product ships. A actual pay me now billing.
As of this writing, I am in to my 6th week with no product, no shipment, no credit card refund. Is this the action of a company you want to deal with ? Is the action of a solvent and sucessful company ? Or is this the action of a company going bankrupt ?

Incompetent, Rude and lying Sales Support
   During this ordeal, which as of this writing is still ongoing,
- I cannot get a refund
- I cannot get the product I ordered
- I have been repeatly lied to about the shipping. See copies of email messages below.
- I have been threatened
- I have been rudely chastised for trying to reach the owner (Tim Bero).
- Denied contact with the owner in attempt to get the product or a refund
- Phone call messages are not returned, you just have to call until they pick up the phone.
- Inquiry Emails are may not returned
   Here are the emails I received.

   The response to my 1st Inquiry, after 3 weeks of no communication.(I don't know what it means either.)
Order 1011 and 7036 are the same orders, just different numbers as we transfer web sales to a different order program when they are received.

   My 1st Shipment Promise.
The order is in production.
I just checked the status and your order will be complete and shipping this week.

   The next week, I inquired About a Tracking Number
I don't remember if I ever got back to you.
Your order has not yet been shipped.
I will check in on the progress and do my best to get it shipped out this week.

   Two Weeks Later, No Product, I asked to speak with the owner
Your order shipped today, so you immature and completely rude attempts to get Tim to call you are not necessary.
If the order would not have already shipped, I would have gladly canceled the order and refunded your money.

   Still No Product, Tracking Number, I asked to speak with the owner AGAIN.
Your order has been canceled. Your credit card has been refunded. Sincerely,

Pretty easy never shipped

Complaint to the Sheriffs Office
   I registered the following, via email, with Detective Dave Peabody of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.
On 01/08 I placed an order.
On 01/09 they took my money.
Since that time, no product has been shipped.
They have sent me 2 emails saying they shipped the product.
They lied.
They left me an email last night that the product shipped.
They lied.
They have stolen my money.
I have been trying to contact the owner (Tim Bero) for over a week to see if it can be resolved.
The employees are blocking this.
They refuse to forward my contact information.
They refuse to let me discuss this with him.
As of tonight, 5 weeks, I still have no product. They still have not refunded my money.

   The next evening I received a response from Detective Dave Peabody of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Thank you for your response. I was told by TNW they had refunded your monies. Can you confirm this?
Dave Peabody

   My response.
Hi Dave,
   I just checked my credit card activity after receiving your email. There is no credit. A picture of my activity is at the bottom here. If you need a full activity report or an explanation of items, let me know. Maybe it will hit tomorrow.
   This morning I did find a message from Jaime Vealey via TNW firearms. (I have no idea if this is her real name, I have saved the emails if you need them). Stating she has canceled my order and refunded my money.
   It has been a very surreal experience. I have never been threatened by someone I was trying to purchase from before.

The "refund"
   I did receive a refund. However, I had to file a complaint with my credit card company. Nine days after filing the credit card complaint, a permanent credit was granted. Snapshot of resolution below.

TNW Firearms Inc. P.O. Box 311 Vernonia Or., 97064 Phone: 503-429-5001 Fax: 503-429-3505 [email protected] [email protected] ASR Misfeeds, Glock compatible, bad reviews, Tim Bero, lawsuit, malfunction, review, broken